America the Strange

by Michael Robertson

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America the Strange - an ode to a lost dream in four movements

I began this piece during and just after the Presidential election of 2012. The obvious and highly public dishonesty and dissembling of politicians had, despite my best intentions, pushed through the media and into my brain. That, along with continual violence by peoples of all nations, afflicted me in ways that made it both necessary to purge myself through art, and impossible to do so with any pretense of calm sanity.

We're a deeply flawed species - a theme in almost all of my work - and there seems to be plenty of evidence that, while parts of humanity are on the mend, the bulk of us are headed gleefully for destruction.

For me, the unavoidable result must be angst and confusion and dissonance. How can I, honestly, express anything else in my music at this time?


released June 16, 2017




Subversal Records Columbia, Missouri

Subversal Records began in 2000 at Floating World Studios in Columbia, MO as a collaboration between producers Jon Sheffield and Mike Robertson.

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